Quickbite: Asking for a psychodynamic psychotherapy opinion in general psychiatry

Dr Jon Patrick

30 minutes


September 2019

Learning module

CPD domain:

Asking for a psychodynamic psychotherapy opinion.jpg

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is a medium- to long-term psychological intervention for patients with complex mental health problems and personality disturbance.

This evidence-based treatment is set within a relational framework, i.e. the patient’s presentation is placed within the context of their styles of relating to themselves, others and the world around them.

Psychodynamic therapy can be useful for:

  • direct treatment of patients – in groups or individually,
  • assessment of patients’ difficulties to aid in understanding them,
  • assisting teams in their long-term management of complex patients.

Not everyone will benefit from this type of therapy, but this module will enable you to identify potential candidates for referral, and feel more confident in asking for a psychodynamic opinion.


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