A guide to medico-legal report writing in asylum cases

Dr Hugh Grant-Peterkin and Dr Alexandra Joy

90 minutes


June 2019

Learning module

CPD domain:

A guide to medico-legal report writing.jpg

Writing medico-legal reports is a core task for psychiatrists, yet not everyone has received training in report writing skills. Furthermore, there are some areas of psychiatric practice where specialist reports are required. One such area is report writing for asylum cases

In asylum cases, issues such as 'fitness to fly' assessments and documentation of trauma presentations are key parts of a high-quality report, but can be daunting for those not familiar with these areas. In addition, there are specific legal frameworks which are applicable.

This module aims to equip the reader with the knowledge and skills to approach a medico-legal report in asylum cases confidently and also includes more general medico-legal report writing tips. The module includes advice from a practising barrister, along with interactive quizzes and video clips to consolidate learning.


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