Understanding safety as a co-created entity

Dr Rachel Gibbons, Jacquie Jamieson, Dr Mary Ryan, Dr Chloe Beale, Dr Jon Van Niekerk

75 minutes


June 2022

Congress webinar


There is a growing recognition that meaningful improvements in healthcare require effective collaboration between service providers and those needing care, support and treatment. Much of the focus in quality improvement has been on what professionals can do to keep their patients safe, despite the reality that most people spend only a tiny proportion of the daily lives in direct contact with healthcare services. We will explore the challenges to working collaboratively to reduce harms and improve safety in mental health and highlight the potential gains from doing so. As well as emphasising the importance of working effectively with patients. The workshop will draw on the difficult experiences of cares and the role they can and should play in co-creation of safety. It will include practical suggestions and positive practice examples of collaborative quality improvement.

Chair: Dr Rachel Gibbons, Chair of the Patient Safety Group, Royal College of Psychiatrists and Jacquie Jamieson, Carer Lay Representative

Safety is not a solely professional responsibility nor ever cast iron. Keeping people as safe as possible requires the help of friends, families and carers and often of the individual themselves - Dr Mary Ryan, Mental Health Safety Improvement Programme, Royal College of Psychiatrists

Who are we keeping safe? - Dr Chloe Beale, East London NHS Foundation Trust

Can we ever truly share power and knowledge? What we have learned from co-chairing the Royal College of Psychiatrists Co-Production Network - Dr Jon Van Niekerk, Cygnet Healthcare


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