The audio and visual recording of mental health consultations by patients

Dr Thomas Hewson, Mr Nathan Randles, Dr Adeola Akinola, Ms Andrea James

75 minutes


June 2022

Congress webinar


The increased use of telemedicine since COVID-19, and the ubiquity of smartphones, means that it is increasingly accessible and common for patients to record their clinical encounters. This session will explore clinical, ethical, and legal factors relevant to the recording of mental health consultations by patients. We will discuss the reasons for patients recording their clinical encounters, including covert recordings, and the potential uses of this digital information. The benefits and risks of recorded mental health consultations will be evaluated, covering a range of different perspectives and settings. We will explore current available guidance from professional organisations and discuss the legal aspects of healthcare recordings. This session will be of relevance to all practicing clinicians, providing practical advice and promoting lively debate and discussion.

 Chair: Dr Thomas Hewson, Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust

A patient perspective on recording consultations - Mr Nathan Randles, Keele University School of Medicine

Clinical and ethical considerations for the recording of mental health consultations - Dr Adeola Akinola, Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, University of Manchester

Legal issues relevant to recorded healthcare interactions - Ms Andrea James, Brabners LLP Law Firm

Impacts of recording on clinical and educational practice - Dr Thomas Hewson, Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust


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