Help! I've been invited to peer review!

Dr Cate Bailey, Professor Patricia Casey, Dr Alexandra Pitman, Dr Humma Andleeb

75 minutes


June 2022

Congress webinar


Receiving an invitation to review can be exciting but daunting to any researcher, particularly to those early on in their academic careers. Support is not always available and knowledge about the publishing process and what's expected can be often assumed. This masterclass aims to demystify peer review and give delegate practical and up-to-date tips and signposts to resources that will help them review a paper more effectively, with more confidence. The masterclass will be facilitated by members of the BJPsych Journals' New Reviewer Programme working group and will include real examples of papers and actual reviewer comments that were submitted for them. The session will also help budding authors as knowing what reviewers are looking for help improve as an author. The session will give delegates the opportunity to meet Editors from top psychiatry journals and learn directly what they like (and don't like) to see when receiving a review to help them decide whether to accept a paper for publication.

Chair: Dr Cate Bailey, East London NHS Foundation Trust

Going through an actual paper to review - Professor Patricia Casey, University College Dublin

Reflections from the New Reviewer Programme - from a mentor - Dr Alexandra Pitman, UCL Division of Psychiatry

Reflections from the New Reviewer Programme - from a new reviewer -Dr Humma Andleeb, University College London


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