Core competencies for external review

Maureen McGeorge

60 minutes


September 2016

Learning module

CPD domain:

Core competencies.jpg

This module will be of relevance to anyone who is taking on, or considering, the role of a reviewer on visits to other services.

Conducting a review can be a good way to develop your knowledge and understanding of how other services operate, which can in turn generate new ideas for how to improve your own service.

The role can be highly stimulating and rewarding; however, it is also very demanding and requires considerable preparation, application and teamwork. This module will take you through some of the tasks and competencies needed to carry out the role successfully.

You will learn about the demands on the reviewer, with video clips illustrating the types of challenges that you may encounter, and the high levels of skill and professionalism required. This module will also provide guidance on how to ensure that the report from the visit provides a full and accurate account of the data collected during the visit.


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