Diversity training for psychiatrists

Professor Nisha Dogra

60 minutes


October 2023

CPD learning module

CPD domain:

Diversity training.jpg

This module aims to help you understand how your views on diversity impact on your interactions with the world, and in particular, how this may affect your work within psychiatry.

Even those who are familiar and respectful of diversity issues need to reflect on their practice. The approach taken in this module recognises that it is important to be inclusive and engage in active, constructive dialogue rather than take dogmatic positions. Perhaps equally important is the need to provide quality patient-centred care.

Respecting diversity is not merely doing what patients want us to do, however. It is about being aware that the reasons for their views are often complex and we need to understand them better so we can work with them. Thus, we can make management plans that are not only medically appropriate but also make sense to the patient.

Recognising our prejudices is also one step in the process of ensuring that both our organisations as a whole and we as individuals are compliant with current legislation regarding diversity. Rather than focusing on what beliefs individuals hold, our approach is to acknowledge that we all have biases and prejudices, some of which may inhibit our ability to comply with legislation.


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