ECGs: don't shrink from ECGs: Part 2 – ECG interpretation made easy for psychiatrists

Dr Luke Solomons, Dr Jim Crabb, Dr Adrian Treloar and Dr E. Naomi Smith

60 minutes


January 2017

Learning module

CPD domain:

Dont shrink from ECGs part 2.jpg

In this second module of our two-part series on simplifying ECG interpretation for psychiatrists, we look at an aspect of the ECG that has attracted a great deal of attention in published literature – the QT interval.

This is important, given the propensity of many psychotropics to prolong the QT interval, and evidence to suggest that sudden death is much more common in the mentally unwell (Ray, 2001).

We also look at the axis, QRS complex, the ST segment – important in acute ischaemic events – and the T wave.

In the second section, we look at medication and physiology that can affect the ECG, thereby correlating our learning to everyday practice.


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