Neurodevelopmental disorders and offending behaviour

Professor John Crichton, Dr Kaitlyn McLachlan, Dr Sheila Howitt, Dr Jana de Villiers

75 minutes


June 2022

Congress webinar


This session aims to review the impact and relevance of neurodevelopmental disorders in forensic settings, focussing in particular on Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Autism. The speakers will provide updates on research into neurodevelopmental disorders in criminal justice settings, and the implications of identifying neurodevelopmental disorders when assessing people in contact with the criminal justice service. Service developments to improve outcomes will be discussed. Common co-morbidities, and the importance of including neurodevelopmental disorders in clinical formulations when developing treatment plans and risk management plans, will be highlighted.

Chair: Professor John Crichton, Treasurer of the Royal College of Psychiatrists

Forensic aspects of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder - Dr Kaitlyn McLachlan, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Guelph

ADHD in forensic settings - Dr Sheila Howitt, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist at The State Hospital, Scotland

Forensic aspects of autism - Dr Jana de Villiers, Chair of the Intellectual Disability Faculty, Royal College of Psychiatrists


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