Gender dysphoria

Professor Kevan R Wylie

90 minutes


December 2016

Learning module

CPD domain:

Gender dysphoria.jpg

This module will assist the clinician in the assessment, support and management of individuals with gender concerns, transgenderism and gender dysphoria.

A patient-centred approach to care supported by transgender affirmative clinicians will maximise a beneficial outcome for the gender dysphoric patient and his or her associates.

A number of assessment interviews, often with members of a multidisciplinary team, are necessary to confirm the diagnosis and to exclude significant comorbid conditions that may affect progress.

The role of the psychiatrist in supporting the patient with gender dysphoria is considered alongside more specific interventions such as psychotherapy and assessment for progression to hormone therapy and gender confirmation surgery.

This module is accompanied with video of patients' accounts of gender dysphoria and their experience of the real-life process and transition.


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