Partnering hard to reach communities in research – challenges and solutions

Professor Santhosh Chaturvedi, Dr Satheesh Gangadharan, Professor Raghu Raghavan, Dr Latha Velaydhan, Dr Samuel Tromans, Mr Gary Bourlet, Dr Nadia Svirydzenka

75 minutes


June 2022

Congress webinar


Involving people with lived experience of mental health has immense benefits for the participants and the research. People with lived experience feel valued and gain confidence but at the same time enhance the quality and impact of research through their expertise. The partnership, therefore, is mutually rewarding. There are significant challenges in involving the diverse population particularly the hard-to-reach communities. This masterclass will focus on three key populations who are often not well involved in research namely, people with learning disabilities or autism, people from ethnic minority communities, and people with dementia.

Chair: Professor Santhosh Chaturvedi, Former Dean and Senior Professor of Psychiatry, National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, Bangalore

Involving people with intellectual disability and or autism in research - Dr Satheesh Gangadharan, Consultant Psychiatrist and Mr Gary Bourlet, Co-founder of Learning Disability England

The power of participatory research- inclusive mental health practice and service development - Professor Raghu Raghavan, Professor of Mental Health, De Montfort University and Dr Nadia Svirydzenka, Lecturer in Social Psychology at De Montfort University

Participating in research during COVID-19 pandemic - challenges for people with neurodegenerative disorders - Dr Latha Velayudhan, S


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