How patient-centred are you? Shared decision-making in psychiatric practice

Dr Robert Chaplin and Dr Alan Quirk

60 minutes


March 2021

Learning module

CPD domain:

How patient centred are you - shared decision making in psychiatric practice.jpg

How patient-centred is your care? Do you involve your patients in decision-making in an open and non-directive way?

In this module we will outline the theory of patient-centred care and define what qualifies as shared decision-making. We will examine the various ways in which decisions regarding medication can be made, with a particular emphasis on patients diagnosed with schizophrenia.

We will also look at research into what patients want from psychiatrists, and investigate whether psychiatrists' perceptions of their patient care is similar or different to the perspectives of their patients.

We hope that this module will enable you to apply shared decision-making skills to your own practice and improve your therapeutic relationships with patients.


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