Introduction to cognitive-analytic therapy

Dr Jason Hepple

90 minutes


December 2020

Learning module

CPD domain:

Introduction to cognitive analytical therapy.jpg

Have you heard of cognitive-analytic therapy (CAT)? Do you get it mixed up with other three-letter therapies such as CBT, DBT, MBT and ACT?

Are you interested in finding out about a really original way of looking at mental health problems, trauma and symptoms that is shown to work for real clients with complex problems?

Then this is the CPD eLearning module for you.

Written by a leading CAT psychotherapist, retired psychiatrist, this module gives you a flavour of what is unique about the CAT way of looking at the world.

You will learn about:

  • a relational understanding of development,
  • the damaging effect of abuse and trauma in early life,
  • the concept of reciprocal roles,
  • the way CAT has developed both theoretically and clinically,
  • the evidence base for CAT,
  • CAT in the UK and internationally,
  • what CAT is like from the client’s perspective.


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