TrOn – Stigma and prejudice

Dr Mhairi Hepburn and Dr Clare Fenton and reviewed by Dr Sunil Kumar

60 minutes

November 2021

TrOn learning module

TRON stigma and prejudice.jpg

Stigma and prejudice pose a significant problem for those experiencing mental illness. Every aspect of the person's life can be affected, from self-esteem to their ability to get a job.

This module will explain the concepts behind stigma and prejudice and will then set out strategies that can be used to reduce them. Not only could this improve your patients' lives and the treatment they receive, but it may also make you more aware of your own use of stigmatising language and actions.

As a mental health professional, you need to be an advocate for those with mental illness. You may need to challenge prejudicial and stigmatising attitudes in those around you – and in yourself.


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