Probity in professional practice: Part 1

Dr Ashok G Patel and Dr Haider Malik

60 minutes


July 2018

Learning module

CPD domain:
Clinical, Professional

Probity in professional practice part 1.jpg

This module, the first in a two-part series, contains guidance on how harm to patients and psychiatrists can be prevented. The harm can be psychological, professional or involve damage to the reputation of a service or medical profession.

The focus of this module is on the relationships of psychiatrists with patients, their carers and families. Psychiatrists must be prepared to justify what they do in their practice, including in circumstances where breaches of confidentiality may be appropriate and necessary (GMC, 2013).

It is of particular importance to maintain a high standard of practice, conduct and vigilance with regards to vulnerable children and adults. In the changing social context of medical practice, there is a shift towards doctors proving that they maintain trust as opposed to previous 'systems' where trust was assumed. Psychiatrists must be aware of and comply with equal opportunities legislation and work to ensure that their practice is non-discriminatory.

Most of the dilemmas faced by psychiatrists exist because of uncertainty, and this is where the need to justify at all times is so important. To be a good psychiatrist, one needs to be able to live with a degree of uncertainty and appreciate that there are rarely right and wrong answers.


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