Probity in professional practice: Part 2

Dr Ashok G Patel and Dr Haider Malik

60 minutes


July 2018

Learning module

CPD domain:
Clinical, Professional

Probity in professional practice part 2.jpg

In the first module of this two-part series, Probity in professional practice: Part 1, we explored how harm can be prevented in the relationships between psychiatrists with patients, their carers and families by following the rules of probity and good conduct.

In this second module, we look at:

  • probity in the relationships between psychiatrists, the pharmaceutical industry and other commercial organisations
  • seeking funds for meetings, publications, research, prizes, travelling fellowships and public education activities
  • research undertaken on behalf of the Royal College of Psychiatrists
  • good practice when working with colleagues
  • self-declaration of probity and health by doctors
  • guidelines on self-prescribing and declaration of illness
  • guidelines on prescribing for friends and family.


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