Quickbite: Personal development plans: how to make them work

Dr Anne Worrall-Davies. Last updated: Guy Brookes

30 minutes


January 2021

CPD learning module

CPD domain:
Academic, Professional

Personal development plans how to make them work.jpg

Writing and reviewing your personal development plan (PDP) can seem a tedious process; a paper exercise at best, a time-consuming chore at worst. Sometimes it is difficult to find the time to meet with your peer group, let alone do the preparatory work beforehand. In this summary of PDPs you will meet two doctors who are struggling with all of the above, and you will be given the opportunity to guide them through the PDP process.

This module aims to provide a clear view of what a PDP is for, what it should include, and how it fits into the CPD framework. By the end of the module you should be able to prepare for, write and review a meaningful PDP to support you in continuing your learning and avoiding the performance plateau of many senior doctors.


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