Religiously prohibited ingredients in psychotropic medications

Dr Waqqas Khokhar, David E. Kloecker and Ajay N. Mistry

60 minutes


January 2020

CPD learning module

CPD domain:

Religiously prohited ingredients in psychotropic meds.jpg

In this module, you will learn why religious and ethical laws or rules may prohibit the use of psychotropic medications if they contain certain animal-based derivatives. An awareness of this issue is crucial for fostering patient autonomy through informed consent and reducing the risk of patient non-compliance.

The module will equip you with the necessary background knowledge on different religions, vegetarianism and types of animal-based derivatives in medication to enable you to have an informed discussion with your patients. It also gives instructions on how to properly educate patients and identify alternative treatments, thereby strengthening the doctor-patient relationship and ensuring adherence.


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