Technology, social media and mental health: Part 1 – contributions to psychiatry

Chris Blackmore and Professor Digby Tantam

90 minutes


September 2020

Learning module

CPD domain:

Technology social media and mental health part 1.jpg

This module, the first in a two-part series, examines the role of social media in mental health, including an overview of the development of the computer to the small, powerful, hand-held multi-functional devices that are now ubiquitous.

It looks at some of the benefits of social media and reviews the vast amount of information online and the implications of this for mental health and for professionals in the field.

The module also examines the implications of social media for clinicians as well as for patients, and considers how clinical practice and teaching are being affected by new modes of communication and connection.

To best view this module we recommend the latest version of internet browsers such as: Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.


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