Station writing for the MRCPsych CASC exam

Dr Geoff Lawrence-Smith

60 minutes


February 2021

Learning module

CPD domain:

Station writing for CASC.jpg

The Royal College of Psychiatrists' (RCPsych's) Examinations team is always looking for volunteers to author stations for the MRCPsych Clinical Assessment of Skills and Competencies (CASC) exam.

The CASC exam is part of RCPsych's entrance exam, an internationally respected qualification. Although the exam is generally considered to be a reliable test of skills and competencies, there remains controversy as to its validity for testing the more complex understanding of psychiatric practice at a senior level.

With this in mind, the RCPsych needs more of its members to write high-quality CASC stations that maintain the reliability of the exam, while increasing its validity. We hope that this module will help you understand the principles (and pitfalls) of writing CASC stations in order to enable you to confidently submit a station of your own.


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