TrOn – Neuropathology: Part 1 – dementia

Dr Georgina Chan and reviewed by Dr Judy Rubinsztei

60 minutes

November 2021

TrOn learning module


Dementia is a major public health concern. It places a huge burden on families and carers, as well as on social and medical services.

Both the incidence and prevalence of dementia are rising for two main reasons:

  • there are now better diagnostic techniques
  • people are living longer (and therefore more likely to develop dementia).

In 2014, Alzheimer’s Society published a large study on the social and economic consequences of dementia in the UK. Its research showed that as of 2013 in the UK there were:

  • more than 800,000 people suffering from dementia
  • more than 7% of those over 65 affected (i.e. 1 in every 14 people)
  • more than 40,000 people with pre-senile dementia.

This study also calculated that the total cost of dementia in the UK is over £26 billion, costing the NHS over £4 billion and social care over £10 billion (Alzheimer’s Society, 2014).

With dementia being a major public health issue, it’s vital that we as psychiatrists have a good understanding of the various types of dementia. This will aid in earlier diagnosis so that patients and their carers are provided with the best treatment and support as soon as possible.






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