TrOn – The general anatomy of the brain and the functions of the lobes and gyri

Dr Sheeba Hakeem and reviewed by Dr Bharathi Balasundaram

90 minutes

November 2021

TrOn learning module

TRON The general anatomy of the brain and functioning of the lobes.jpg

This module has been prepared to equip you with the knowledge you need about the functional anatomy of the brain whilst you prepare for the Royal College of Psychiatrists examination. The module should also aid you in your acquisition of clinical skills for your future work as practising clinicians.

While preparing the module, I felt that a number of clinical concepts became clearer to me, as it is sometimes difficult to find a book or website containing the concepts relevant to our field of psychiatry.

I have tried to convey information in diagrams as I believe that visual memory lasts longer. It should also help to save time when going through the written information.


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