Everything you always wanted to know about lithium* (*but did not know whom to ask)

Professor David Taylor, Ingrid Lieber, Filip Fransson, Petra Truedson

75 minutes


June 2022

Congress webinar


Lithium remains first choice as maintenance treatment for bipolar affective disorder with proven benefits concerning the prevention of severe affective episodes and suicide. Yet, about half of all individuals may stop their treatment at some point. Despite lithium discontinuation being common, very little is known about the potential reversibility of adverse effects. Besides, despite being a common reason of lithium discontinuation, adverse effects of lithium intoxications are rarely systematically studied. In this symposium, we will explore important lithium-associated adverse effects and their reversibility based on our findings from the LiSIE study (Lithium – Study into Effects and Side Effects). LiSIE is a large retrospective cohort study from Northern Sweden with over 2000 participants with more than 20 years of detailed real-life clinical data. After this session, delegates will be better equipped to --evaluate the potential reversibility of lithium associated adverse effects on the thyroid gland and the kidney --trade-off potential losses in terms of mental health against potential gains in physical health when discontinuing lithium --manage cardiac adverse effects associated with lithium intoxication The session will be chaired by Professor David Taylor, Institute of Pharmaceutical Science, King’s College, London

Chair: Professor David Taylor, Institute of Pharmaceutical Science, King’s College, London

Winding back the clock? Potential reversibility of hypothyroidism after lithium discontinuation - Ingrid Lieber, Umeå University, Sweden

Point of no return? Potential reversibility of renal damage after lithium discontinuation - Filip Fransson, Umeå University, Sweden

Statistically significant or clinically relevant? Cardiac changes during lithium intoxication - Petra Truedson, Umeå University, Sweden


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