How should we respond to the climate crisis?

Dr Adrian James, Dr Emma Lawrance, Caroline Hickman, Dr Dasal Abayaratne

75 minutes


June 2022

Congress webinar


This session will be chaired by Dr Adrian James, President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. Sustainability has been a key priority for Dr James during his presidency and, for this session, he is bringing together national and international experts in the field of climate change and mental health. Attendees will hear from three engaging speakers about: the most up to date research on climate change and mental health; psychological perspectives on the climate crisis; and what psychiatrists can do in their day to day practice to respond to the situation. Attendees will gain a new understanding of the way that climate and ecological change interacts with population mental health and attendees will be equipped with ideas of how they can make a positive difference to the environment in their day to day work as psychiatrists.

Chair: Dr Adrian James, President, Royal College of Psychiatrists

Implications of the climate crisis on mental health - Dr Emma Lawrance, Climate Cares and Institute of Global Health Innovation, Imperial College London

Psychotherapeutic perspectives on the climate crisis - Caroline Hickman, University of Bath and Climate Psychology Alliance

How psychiatrists can impact positively on the environment while improving quality of care - Dr Dasal Abayaratne, Planetary Health and Sustainability Committee, Royal College of Psychiatrists and ST6 in Psychotherapy


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