What works? How to measure outcomes that matter to patients in mental health services

Trudi Seneviratne, Registrar, Howard Ryland, Jonathan Richardson, Rahul Bhattacharya

75 minutes


July 2023

Congress webinar 2023


This session will be an engaging, practical and interactive overview of outcome measurement in mental health services, identified as a top priority by key policy initiatives in recent years, such as the Five-Year Forward View for Mental Health and the NHS Long Term Plan.

It will guide participants through the essential aspects of measuring outcomes, starting with an illustrated overview of how to design and evaluate robust measurement instruments. This will provide participants with a summary of academic approaches to outcome measurement, encompassing state-of-the-art guidelines and tools, such as those produced by the Consensus-based Standards for Health Measurement Instruments initiative.

The forthcoming paper from the Royal College of Psychiatrists ‘Outcome Measurement in Psychiatry’, designed with input from all faculties and scheduled for publication in late October 2022, will be presented and discussed, with implications for clinicians considered.

Finally, the facilitators and barriers of effective measurement of outcomes at a national and local level will be explored. This will include:

- How to consider organisational drivers and buy in of clinical staff

- Understanding time points in a chronic relapsing remitting condition in the community vs. an episode of therapy or hospital admission

- Clinical burden / benefit

- Digital enablement

This session aims to:

- Provide you with an understanding of the academic underpinnings of effective outcome measurement in psychiatry.

- Inform you about the latest work by the Royal College of Psychiatrists on outcome measures and the forthcoming report, which draws on the expertise of all the faculties of the College.

- Involve you in a discussion about the effective implementation of outcome measurement in routine clinical practice.


Chair: Trudi Seneviratne, Registrar, Royal College of Psychiatrists, London, United Kingdom

Howard Ryland, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Jonathan Richardson, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Rahul Bhattacharya, East London NHS Foundation Trust, United Kingdom

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