Managing stress and avoiding burnout: Part 2 – taking action

Dr Sunil Raheja

60 minutes


July 2022

CPD learning module

CPD domain:

Managing stress and avoiding burnout Part 2.jpg

‘It cannot be over-emphasised that attending lectures and workshops, and reading and talking about burn-out are no substitute for doing something about it.

We need to become our own stress-management experts and learn to set or reset priorities and consider a change of lifestyle, building changes into our everyday routine. This can be a long, complex and sometimes costly process. The consequences of neglecting our occupational health, however, are considerable.’ Roberts (1997)

In the first module, Managing stress and avoiding burnout: Part 1 – understanding stress and burnout, we defined stress and burnout, giving an overview of current research on stress within the medical profession.

In this module, we aim to provide a clear action plan for dealing with the pressures of modern work life in the NHS.


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