Metabolic syndrome and schizophrenia

Dr Arijit Bose and Dr Sepehr Hafizi

60 minutes


March 2023

Learning module

CPD domain:

Metabolic syndrome and schizophrenia.jpg

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognised metabolic syndrome as a global epidemic (Potenza & Mechanick, 2009). Its causes are not fully understood but its consequences can be severe, including type 2 diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease.

Contributory factors include an unhealthy diet, smoking, genetics, lack of exercise and excess alcohol. It is a common comorbidity in people with schizophrenia and, in addition, some antipsychotics may worsen the risks.

Appropriate intervention by clinicians can reduce the risk of mortality and morbidity. This module will offer a framework to help with the diagnosis of metabolic syndrome and will advise on appropriate treatment paths for patients at risk.

This module will answer the following questions:

  • What is metabolic syndrome and how is it diagnosed?
  • What is the link between schizophrenia and metabolic syndrome?
  • What is the relationship between antipsychotics and metabolic syndrome?
  • Why is it difficult to manage patients with both schizophrenia and metabolic syndrome?


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