Improving access, experience and outcomes for people living with dementia from ethnic minority communities

Dr Mohammed Akhlak Rauf, Dr Vellingiri Raja Badrakalimuthu, Dr Rashi Negi, Ms Lisa Goodman, Dr Tim Rittman, Dr Qusai Bharmal, Ms Nasim Minhas, Dr Kim Diment, Dr Annabel Price, Dr Asif Atta and Ms Leicia Feare

120 minutes


May 2023

CPD learning module

CPD domain:


Currently more than 25,000 older Black and ethnic minority people are living with dementia in England and Wales. This number is expected to be double by 2026 and projected to increase seven-fold by 2060, with the steepest increase in South Asian communities (Alzheimer’s Society, 2020).

Reports show that people from ethnic minority communities are less likely to get an early or ‘timely’ diagnosis, access to treatment or receive support when diagnosed. This module is designed to help improve the access to, experience of and outcomes from dementia care in England in order to close the health inequalities gap.

The term ‘ethnic minority’ is used throughout this module to refer to all ethnic groups except the white British group. Ethnic minorities include white minorities, such as Gypsy, Roma and Irish Traveller groups. The term ‘Black, Asian and minority ethnic’ is used rather than the acronym ‘BAME’.


The development of this module was kindly funded by NHS England.

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