Overview of dementia: CPD update 2023


5 hours 29 minutes


October 2023



This online event aims to dispel the confusion underlying the diagnosis and management of dementia and describes how psychiatrists can recognise the condition and work to achieve successful outcomes. It seeks to equip psychiatrists to be better able respond to the needs of people with dementia by successfully combining pharmacological treatments with adequate support for people living with dementia and their carers.

Learning objectives:
  • To understand the different types of dementia and the core diagnostic features of each type
  • To understand the process of diagnosis and management of dementia
  • To understand the risk factors associated with dementia and how risk can be mitigated
  • To understand what it means to live well with dementia and how this can be achieved
  • To recognise the various steps and personnel required to make a diagnosis of dementia 

Session 1 - Dr Mani Krishnan, Dr Rashi Negi, Anthony Fitzgerald, Dr Amanda Thompsell, Dr Charlotte Allan, Dr Chineze Ivenso

Session 2 - Dr Mani Krishnan, Dr Bob Barber, Dr Chineze Ivenso

Session 3 - Dr Chineze Ivenso, Dr Julia Lewis, Dr Sharmi Bhattacharyya

Session 4 - Dr Josie Jenkinson, Dr Rebecca Chubb, Tracey Hird, Louise Poole, Dr Philippa Lawton, Shaista Taj, Dr Chineze Ivenso, Dr Mani Krishnan

Non-member fee £112
Consultant fee £84
SAS doctor/Higher trainee fee £62
Core trainee/Subsidised/Retired/Medical student/Foundation doctor     £39



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