Technological addictions: the new frontier in addiction psychiatry

Dr Adrian James, Dr Petros Levounis

30 minutes


July 2023

Congress webinar 2023


Addiction to video games, cybersex, internet gambling, social media, texting and emailing, and online auctions can be as addictive as substances. These technological addictions have real-world ramifications and lead to the loss of jobs, money, and loved ones. As technology becomes integrated into many facets of modern life, the appreciation of such addictions has become increasingly challenging. This session will explore the addictive potential of technology and discuss the legitimacy of technological addictions as psychiatric conditions worthy of medical assessment, diagnosis and treatment.

Dr Adrian James, President, Royal College of Psychiatrists, United Kingdom

Dr Petros Levounis, Professor and Chair, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, President, American Psychiatric Association

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