TrOn – The development of social competence and morals

Dr Deepa Parry-Gupta and reviewed by Dr Dan Beales

60 minutes

November 2021

TrOn learning module

TRON The development of social competence and morals.jpg

This module will give you an opportunity to understand how we develop a sense of morality, social competence and the ability to have a social perspective. As well as being part of the MRCPsych curriculum, these areas of development have a major impact on the lives of the patients we see – both children and adults – and the difficulties they present with.

  • We will look at how friendships are made and groups formed, considering what determines popularity and acceptance and which children end up isolated and rejected, as well as the subsequent impact of this.
  • The module will include diagrams and links to make the learning experience more varied.
  • Clinical examples bring the learning into ‘the real world’ and your knowledge will be tested with some short quizzes.

We have also included an optional appendix section on the relationship between the development of morality and psychiatry, which we hope you will find interesting and useful in order to develop your knowledge of the context surrounding the topics in the module.


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