TrOn – General principles of clinical psychopharmacology

Dr Jaspal Singh Swalli and reviewed by Dr Elizabeth Francis

60 minutes

November 2021

TrOn learning module

TRON General principles of clinical psychopharmacology.jpg

Psychopharmacological intervention plays a major role in treating patients suffering with mental illness.

The use of psychoactive substances has long been known for treating acutely agitated individuals and those with severe and enduring mental illnesses. Knowing the fundamental principles behind the origins of psychotropic medication and its current uses is absolutely essential for psychiatrists.

Confidence in prescribing is likely to be gained through knowledge of the current NICE guidelines, as well as awareness of adverse drug reactions and cautions, drug interactions and comorbid conditions such as diabetes or cardiac disease.

The use of psychotropic medication has changed with time, so it is important for psychiatrists to be aware of the advances in psychopharmacological treatments.


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