TrOn – Personality

by Dr Georgios Mikellides and Ms Yiasemina Ioannidou and reviewed by Dr Iain McDougall

60 minutes

November 2021

TrOn learning module

TRON personality.jpg

Personality is a group of characteristics or traits that assist or ‘define’ the way we think, feel and behave. Understanding personality may help us to understand why we behave the way we do in certain situations.

In this module, we will attempt to provide the knowledge required for covering the exam, focusing on specific areas as guided by the exam curriculum. These include:

  • an introduction to the origin of nomothetic and idiographic theories
  • traits and types of personalities
  • personal construct theory
  • principles underlying psychoanalytic and humanistic approaches
  • the interactionist approach.

Finally, we will talk about the development and use of inventories, rating scales, grids and Q-sort, in the measurement of personality.

We hope you will gain an insight into how personality develops and learn ways of enhancing this knowledge further, which may help in your clinical work as a psychiatrist.


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