TrOn – Social influence: leadership, power, conformity and obedience

Dr Clare Fenton and reviewed by Dr Ankur Agarwal

60 minutes

November 2021

TrOn learning module

TRON Social factors and specific mental health conditions.jpg

How to manipulate friends and influence people!

In this module we examine the power of social influence in its various guises from persuasion to dictatorship. We discuss the difference between telling your patient to take their medication and motivating them to want to take it themselves. We look at how you operate as a leader or as someone in a position of power, then bring you back to earth by examining the effect on you as a subordinate at the whim of other people’s leadership styles.

If you have ever wondered why adverts use semi-naked celebrities, why the tabloids are obsessed with gossip and why you lie awake at night worrying about what your consultant thinks of you then this is the topic for you.


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