TrOn – The development of temperament

Dr Xanthe Barkla and reviewed by Dr Helen Bruce

60 minutes

November 2021

TrOn learning module

TRON temperament.jpg

Welcome to this online module – I hope you find it a useful and enjoyable learning experience!

In this module we will look at:

  • individual temperamental differences and their impact on parent-child relationships
  • stability of temperament and the evolution of character and personality, and the concepts of childhood vulnerability and resilience
  • cognitive development and its relevance to communication
  • development of fears in childhood and adolescence.

As with many of the modules of human development, a lot of the information we will be covering may be new to you. This is, however, a topic which is extremely useful for your clinical practice, in particular when you come to work in child psychiatry.

I hope the overview of the topics this module provides will help guide you to further reading, and not only success in your exams but a useful foundation of knowledge for your future practice.


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