Behavioural problems in the under fives: Part 3

Professor Margaret Thompson and Dr Paula Jenkins

60 minutes


February 2018

CPD learning module

CPD domain:

Behavioural problems in the under 5s Part 3.jpg

In this, the final of three modules, we look at the different kinds of therapy which can be used to tackle the problems presenting in the under fives.

The most often used is behaviour therapy, usually adapted in this age group to be delivered through parents.

Parenting therapy (delivered in individual or group settings) uses a mixture of strategies including behavioural techniques and work on the mother-child relationship.

However, family work can be useful also especially if there are older children in the family. For some children who have major attachment problems, particularly if there has been abuse in the early years, child psychotherapy or play therapy, can be beneficial. Play therapy may also be useful for children who are anxious or bereaved.

It should be noted, however, that therapy is not a quick fix and should follow a careful assessment in order to decide which therapy can best address the problem.


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