RCPsych eLearning Awards

The first RCPsych eLearning Awards were held at International Congress on 12th July 2023.  The following have been recognised for their achievements.

Award winners

Most popular CPD eLearning module 2022/2023

Authors - Dr Ian Ellison-Wright

Module title - Adult ADHD

The aim of this module is to give general adult psychiatrists a better understanding of ADHD and current opinion regarding diagnosis and treatment.


Most popular CPD eLearning podcast 2022/2023

Authors - Dr Guy Harvey and Dr Ally Xiang

Podcast title - Sustainable prescribing

This podcast discusses sustainable healthcare, medicine's carbon footprint and what the NHS could be doing to prescribe and practice sustainably at individual, local and organisational levels. It has been produced in collaboration with the RCPsych Sustainability and Planetary Health Committee.


Most popular TrOn module 2022/2023

Authors - Dr Yasir Hameed and Dr Andrew Tarbuck

Module title - A brief introduction to the history of psychiatry

It is often said that it is almost impossible to understand current psychiatric practice without a knowledge of its historical origins and how the practice has changed over time. Although the history of psychiatry is not specifically included in the MRCPsych syllabus, many topics in the syllabus require an understanding of the historical context. This TrOn module supports knowledge of historical facts and the origin of treatments in psychiatry that will help learners to prepare better for the MRCPsych exams.


Editor's special award 2022/2023

Dr Raj Persaud 

For his podcast contributions for many years until he stepped down last year.


Reviewer recognition award 2022/2023

Reviewer - Dr John Cookson

We operate a single blind peer review for all CPD eLearning modules, and this award has been given to Dr Cookson for his efficient and timely contribution to our module production.


Project of the year 2022/2023

Authors - Dr Elaine Hunter and Prof Anthony David

Module title - Depersonalisation-derealisation disorder (DDD): assessment and treatment

This CPD eLearning module gives a brief, but comprehensive, overview from both a consultant psychiatrist and clinical psychologist who have extensive experience working with DDD, including information on common presentations, comorbidity and the main triggers for onset, as well as guidance on how to assess and diagnose DDD. Learners are also given an overview of the main treatments and a stepped care guide to implementing these.