Behavioural problems in the under fives: Part 2

Professor Margaret Thompson and Dr Paula Jenkins

90 minutes


February 2018

CPD learning module

CPD domain:

Behavioural problems in the under 5s Part 2.jpg

In assessing and treating pre-school children for behavioural problems it is extremely important to take a careful and complete history including pregnancy, development, parental and family factors.

It is equally important to understand the influences of temperament on the child within the parent-child context.

In this module, the second of three, we also discuss how behavioural and emotional problems present in pre-school children, specifically:

  • the area of temperament,
  • preschool attention deficit disorders,
  • oppositional disorders,
  • feeding and eating problems,
  • sleeping difficulties,
  • anxiety and depression.

We look at why they might occur, what the outcome might be and the current theories about treatment.


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