Introduction to nidotherapy: a video-based module

Professor Peter Tyrer

60 minutes


January 2015

Learning module

CPD domain:

Introduction to nidotherapy.jpg

Nidotherapy (named after nidus, the Latin word for nest) is a treatment devoted to changing the environment in all its forms so that a better fit can be established between an individual and every aspect of their surroundings.

The concept was first introduced by the author of this module, Professor Peter Tyrer, who has developed the treatment over many years of psychiatric practice and is the leading authority in the field. Nidotherapy is particularly useful when applied to mental disorders that are especially difficult to treat, such as personality disorder.

This module explains the basic principles of nidotherapy and how it works in practice. It is a video-based module, and you will have the chance to view and reflect on examples of a patient being treated with nidotherapy.


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