Phenomenology and treatment of voice hearing in psychiatric practice

Dr Åsa Jansson, Prof Charles Fernyhough, Prof Angela Woods, Dr Ben Alderson-Day, Dr Victoria Patton and Prof Christopher Cook

90 minutes


September 2021

Learning module

CPD domain:
Clinical, Professional


This module aims to facilitate a better understanding of the subjective experience of patients who hear voices, support better diagnostic practices and guide treatment planning.

Research into voice hearing, or auditory verbal hallucinations (AVH), has greatly expanded in recent years, and new data has important implications for the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of people who hear voices.

Recent evidence suggests that voice hearing is a diverse psychological phenomenon that is not necessarily indicative of a psychotic or neurological disorder, but which occurs across different diagnostic categories as well as in non-clinical populations.

This module provides an overview of recent research and its relevance for clinical practice. It highlights different ways in which voice hearing is subjectively experienced and demonstrates the importance of phenomenological assessment of voice hearing in the diagnostic process. Finally, the module discusses current treatment approaches as well as non-medical coping strategies for people who hear voices.


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