Quickbite: Psychopharmacology in end-of life-care

Dr Christian Hosker and Dr Wendy Neil, with Dr John Mitchell

30 minutes


October 2023

Learning module

CPD domain:

Psychopharmacology in end of life care.jpg

Mental health problems are commonly experienced by people nearing the end of their life due to the psychological reaction to the situation, the direct biological effects of their illness and the effects of their treatment.

It is important that clinicians appreciate these interrelationships and understand the opportunities for their management.

In this module we will focus on psychopharmacology in end-of life care, covering:

  • the role of psychotropic medications in end-of-life care
  • mental health-related issues secondary to the biological effects of illnesses and their treatments
  • the principles and practice of anticipatory prescribing and palliative sedation.

The prevalence and aetiology of mental health problems at the end of life and their physical, psychological and social management are discussed in the module on Psychiatric aspects of end-of-life care.


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