Autism spectrum disorders in adults: a brief introduction 

Dr Yasir Hameed and Dr Jaap Hamelijnck

60 minutes


October 2019

CPD learning module

CPD domain:

Autistic spectrum disorder in adults a brief intro.jpg

There is nothing like learning from your day-to-day clinical practice. Reading up on a medical condition after seeing a patient presenting with that condition is one of the best ways to learn in a busy clinical setting.

This is particularly the case for a condition such as autism, which has an extensively different presentation depending on age, gender, educational background and even race, ethnicity and cultural characteristics.

There are numerous studies and learning resources on autism available online, but in this module we provide an engaging and interactive discussion of the story of autism and the complexity of its presentation, including a detailed patient case study.

We also present some up-to-date references on the condition and its historical background to add more depth to your knowledge of autism. We hope that you will find this module enjoyable and useful and that it will help you to think of autism as one of the differential diagnoses when you see a patient presenting with some of its distinct features.


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