Challenging stereotypes: a new science perspective on neurodivergence

Hugo Critchley, Guy Chadwick, Helen Minnis, Jessica Eccles

75 minutes


July 2023

Congress webinar 2023


This innovative workshop will challenge common (mis)conceptions surrounding how we think about, assess and support neurodivergence with significant implications for the status quo. New research findings will add to evidence that disrupts frequently held (mis)conceptions: firstly, that it is either ADHD or Autism, secondly that it must be either ND or trauma and lastly that neurodivergence is solely a brain difference. These (mis)conceptions do research and our patients a disservice. Our varied speakers will bring a fresh perspective across the lifespan and beyond the mind-brain. Dr Guy Chadwick will demonstrate, via findings from the ESSENCE -D study, that co-occurrence is the norm rather than the exception. Professor Helen Minnis, will present research that highlights the interrelationship between trauma and neurodevelopment across the lifespan and Dr Jessica Eccles will present novel data supporting a brain-body conceptual model that links emotional regulation in neurodivergence directly to differences in the body. This workshop will capitalise on diversity of speakers, research backgrounds, content and context.


This session aims to:

- Present research that challenges (mis)conceptions of neurodevelopmental conditions in order to challenge how we think about, assess and support patients.

- Present research that demonstrates that co-occurence of neurodevelopmental conditions is norm rather than exception.

- Present research that demonstrates the complex interrelationship between trauma and neurodevelopmental conditions.

- Present research that directly links neurodivergence to differences in body as well as brain type that has relevance to emotion regulation.


Chair: Hugo Critchley, Brighton and Sussex Medical School, United Kingdom

Guy Chadwick, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Psychiatry, United Kingdom

Helen Minnis, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom

Jessica Eccles, Brighton and Sussex Medical School, United Kingdom


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