Recognising autism spectrum disorders in children with normal-range intelligence

Dr Rebecca Chilvers, Dr Jennifer Parker and Professor David Skuse

90 minutes


October 2020

Learning module

CPD domain:

Recognising autism spectrum disorders in children normal learning.jpg

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder and has a biological basis which is present at birth.

There is a classic triad of symptoms relating to:

  • lack of reciprocal social interaction
  • impairment in the use of language for social communicative purposes
  • behavioural manifestations that encompass motor stereotypies, restricted interests and routines.

In recent years autism specialists have come to recognise that there are many children with characteristics of autism who have intelligence within the normal range.

With the aid of video, this module will help you to identify the features of autism particularly in children with normal intelligence. There is also a section on autism in females.


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